My 2 year old hens won't lay


10 Years
Sep 29, 2009
We have 5 hens and before winter we were getting 2-3 eggs per day. Through the winter (we put a light on a timer in the coop) we got usually 1-2 eggs per day. This spring we started out with 2-3 per day but now for the last couple of week we have gotten just 1??? What's going on? Temps in the 60's and 70's (Seattle weather). We give them fresh water (at two different locations) daily, they have a great fenced in area to roam around and fund bugs but no eggs... They just don't know how well they have it... I'm using oyster shells in their payer feed, the poop looks good and I'm just out of ideas. Is there something I should try next?
People say that chicken will stop laying and molt at 1 and in the winter. Well, not always.

I have two 3yo that laid for 2 years non-stop. Then both started molt and stopped laying for 3 to 4 months.

3 of my1yo are molting now but still laying! Go figure.

As long as they are eating, acting normally, just let them do their thing. Part of nature.
Yes this sounds familiar. I have 5 hens that were giving me about 2-3 eggs a day until the last several months. Now I might get 1 every other day. They have a beautiful large fenced in area with a nice coop and they have a roof on the yard and I still lock them up at night. I have changed their food and they seem to be acting like normal...but no eggs. I let one brood and she had a sweet little chick and they all are acting great with the chick. But this 'no egg thing' started long before I had the chick arrive. Any ideas?
Mine have slowed down [roduction, I think because of the heat. They were doing great until the hot weather suddenly hit, now they are down to hardly any each day. They get a balanced but varied diet, plenty of water, eggs shells, shade and sun, and treats, but they are slackers right now.

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