My 3 month old Golden sex-link has crust/scab on beak/ nasal area. Help!

Josh P

7 Years
May 15, 2012
I have three 3 month old hens( 2 Buff Orpington & 1 Golden sex-link). The golden sex- link is the one with the issue: This morning I noticed a black object, what appeared to be a scab on the left side of her beak. And when i went to put them in their house this evening and I notice the black object was gone and there remained a white and yellowish crust which i now notice on top of her left nostril also.
I do not know their exact weight, but by hand they are all about the same size/ thickness. They are free roaming chickens but i also have starter feed available for them.
Now this may be the obvious answer but i am unsure and want to be 100% sure. I also have six 6 month old Rhode Island Reds; that about a little over a week ago i noticed to have dry "fowl pox". They have small black scabs on their combs, but NOT on their beak/ nostril. Thats why im unsure if its fowl pox or something else. Does anyone have any ideas?

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