My 3month old hens wont sleep in their hen house!


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I got them as day old babies from TSC and bought all the stuff I would need for a brooder . My husband said that he would start on a coop for them . Well to get an idea of how my husband does things you can compare him to Tim The Tool Man Taylor, off home improvement. We have 6 little chicks and a monster of coop in the works outside . They have been in their mansion for about a month and at first we would go out every night and lock them in the hen house and then let them out the next morning. we still have a light hanging in there so we even tried turning it on to lure them in..nope. they all roost on the same pole outside the hen house. Its all enclosed ,so they are safe.Im just worried what happens when it comes time to start laying.
Repitition works.....Just keep putting them into the coop each night, until finally, they go in on their own. Don't use lights or anything. Do you keep the food in there?
You could use treats to lure them into the coop each night too.
As long as they're safe, go ahead and let them decide. When laying time comes, put some wooden or ceramic eggs in the nest so they get the idea. Other than that... they kind of do what they want to do. I have one crazy faverolle that liked to perch on top of the metal-roofed henhouse (still enclosed by wire) in 10-degree weather, while the others roosted together to keep warm. When they do start laying, try to make sure the only place with nice, comfy bedding is the nesting box. You might get a few eggs in the run until they figure it out.
I keep a small feeder and a small thing of water in there at night time. most of the time I turn the light on to lure them in but once I turn it off they waddle right back out! lol I bought some dried meal worms and they ate all the worms and came right back out. how many fake eggs should I buy? Thank yall so much this is the first time I have owned chickens and I need all the help I can get =]
You don't need to buy fake eggs, just grab some golf balls. I put two in each nest bow before they started laying, now I have one in every 3rd nest box.

Is the roost outside higher than the roost in the coop? Mine always tried to get to the highest possible area to roost. Even when they were still huddling on the floor, they chose the highest corner (the coop is on a slight incline). If they are waddling back out, is it dark enough when you try to put them to bed? I wouldn't think they'd waddle back out if it was pitch black outside. If not, then I have no idea. ;)
Wait... why are they waddling back out? There isn't a door you close up at night? Also- chickens are funny. I bet if you moved that roosting pole into the coop, they'd be on it. :)
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my husband hasnt made a door yet for it. We had been just locking them in by screwing a board that covers the door entrance. =[ thats wrong then huh....what kind of door should we put on it? here is the inside and outside of the door on the hen house
Is there something special about the roost outside? Your inside roosts look a bit small. My inside roosts are a 2x4 with the 4 inch side up. My girls learned quickly to go inside at night and hopped right up to them. Not that they had a choice though, since the tractor they had lived in was demolished and they no longer had a safe outside place to stay. Just throw them in and lock them there, they'll figure it out.
well I just wanted to tell everyone thank you for all your help =] my girls are now sleeping in their hen house =] we havent put a door on it yet, I took all the roost poles from the outside in the run out and placed them in the hen house higher than what I had the other ones. now the girls waddle up to the hen house as soon as it starts getting dark =]

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