My 4 week old Turken got his neck bloodied.

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  1. I’d put all my six chicks in a bucket to transport them from the brooder to the coop (night in the brooder, day in the coop) and he must have gotten clawed b/c the bucket was too small. I feel awful!

    We’ve got him separated and will keep him so until it heals.

    My Q is how do I clean it? Is hydrogen peroxide OK? It’s about a centimeter of a gash. It’s not bleeding but it’s bloody.

    I am assuming I ought not to bandage it? How do I keep little Turken from scratching it? Should I tape his claws for a night (Just the tips)? OK, I’m trying not to freak out here but wow, I really messed up.

    Thank you in advance chicken nurses!
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  2. kstaven

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    Peroxide is fine to clean with. I would be more worried about other chicks pecking at the wound than him scratching it, so separating is the best thing you could have done.
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    Blue wound or blue kote on the wound will change the color of the wound and the chics can be reunited quicker. Most feed stores carry this and it works great. I have actually pulled out one chic sprayed let it dry and put right back in with the rest of them.It cost about 7 dollars for a bottle. [​IMG]
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    Devora I posted a thread in the Emergencies section called "What is in your first aid kit for your chickens". I have pictures of the Blue Kote as well as other items. I remember one thread I read stating that they had their vet make a victorian collar for their chick that had its vent picked at by others as well as him/herself. That's another idea. You can clean the area with 50% Hydrogen Peroxide and 50% water. Hope this helps. Let us know how this turns out.
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    I ordered some turken chicks and my husband made a joke that we'd have to make them scarves to wear in winter because it gets so cold around here. I said we could just take one of my daughters baby socks, cut the toe out and slip it over their necks. I wonder if that actually might help prevent your chick from hurting his neck more if he tried to scratch it?? It's an idea, don't know if it's a good of one, though. Sorry, I can't be more's way past my bedtime...

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