My 4 yr old hen stopped laying 2 months ago but laid one this morning??

Ok that's what I was wondering due to age, I had no idea 4 was considered older till the other day :/ Yes he does it in the nesting box, it's not movable, but could I use some type of fabric as a curtain maybe? When he smashes it the hens gobble up the egg shells like it taste great?
Yeah, oh no, he does cackle and calls them in excitement :( so should I still buy laying feed if they randomly lay?
My older hens also reduce in their egg production. Their egg production can be stretched further by providing a more nutritious diet and lowering stress. Some of my hens will only produce eggs when free-ranged with quality forages. The oldest of those will produce only a few eggs in spring before going broody and when producing eggs in summer might go broody on only one or two eggs.
Ok I bought laying feed today so I'll continue to do that. I let them free range a few hours the other day and they've been eating lots of our garden veggies because we have to many and just those changes she started to lay again
now if I can try to prevent Franklin ( our rooster) to stop breaking them
should I still worry about egg binding if they randomly lay? Thanks guys for your responses! Very helpful!
She laid an egg this morning again! I was so surprised but once again it was busted, so three eggs in two days all busted
Make certain she has access to oystershell for calcium to thicken egg shells. Egg binding is not a problem I am familiar with so suspect it is related to diets that are way off or hen somehow stressed.

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