My 4 yr. old nephew-pics pg. 5....


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My sister just sent this to my email:

"Brady has a mass in the popliteal area (behind knee) of his right leg. He is scheduled for an MRI on 9/30 at 1230. He will be sedated and probably intubated for the procedure. It could be muscle that has torn away and become bunched up. It could be vascular in nature. Or it could be ominous. Nobody will say anything or make any promises, but the nurse said it was free moving so try not to worry. He has seen an orthopedic surgeon, which probably means that we should plan on some type of surgery. That is all I know for now."

She works at the Mayo clinic so he will be having the best of care. She was pointing the lump out on his leg this weekend and we were telling her it did look swollen and take him in. She relayed a story which just happened to a friends little boy where they found a lump in his leg and like 6 months later he died from a rare cancer. Needless to say, as strong of a woman she portrays herself to be on the outside, I think she is most definitely worrying on the inside.

I pray for Brady's mass to be something easy to fix and that it causes him no more pain or trouble once they treat Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Thank you.


***it's a cyst... whew.
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and prayers sent your way! Hopefully it is just a fatty tumor, or something similar. As you said, he will be in great hands up there. May God be with you and the little one next Wednesday

I know.
And he kept saying his leg was wobbly this weekend and I saw it wobble too when he'd stand down on it.

He had fun at the water park and him and my daughter Zoe did lots together but you could tell his leg was interfering.
Poor lil guy.

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