My 4x4 Coop Is Almost Done ! Pics...See finished coop at the bottom...finished today ! YAY!


7 Years
Apr 30, 2012
I'm getting excited about the coop...we only have to shingle the roof and put wire around the bottom of the coop and it will be done ! YAY ! It was way more work than I thought, I'm not a builder, but as simple as it is, it will be worth it. here are some pics of the progress...

This is the 10x4' run...

The floor and frame....

2 sides on, this is the front.

This is the back, I am going to use milk crates for the nesting boxes.

This is the front and ramp, not quite done yet...

The inside and roost looking in from my hinged "cleaning door"...

Looking up at the roost...I hope the girls like it !
What do you think?
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Thanks, I hope it can withstand the 45 mph winds of a strong thunderstorm..ahem...I'll put the finished pics up today or tomorrow ..I am hoping to put the girls in this evening!!!!
I put the 4 girls in the coop...they seemed happy and scratched around...covering up their feed and burrying their water,,,lesson I know why you all hang then I opened the hatch to the run after about 45 min. or so and eventually they all came out and were quite happy. Then it came time for bed. My son and I had to go in and round them all up. After much squalking, chirping and noise, they eventually settled down...we shall see if they have access to their water and feed in the morning. It was fun seeing them in their new digs though!
Well I raced home from work to check on my was their first day in the new coop/run...Lucy and Zoey were down underneath in the dirt staying cool...Splash and Sylvia never came out ( I don't think) and were panting up in the coop...then, Lucy went back up into the coop and poor Zoey ( my sickly pullet who I believe is neurologically impaired) started chirping incessantly for her buddy and I realized she couldn't get back up the ramp to the coop to eat although I did put water down below...poor I had to go help her. Wait until the hubby hears she needs a handicapped ramp to get back in ! Yikes ! Any ideas???
Really well done! Congratulations on your first full day!

A tip: watch the run this weekend checking each hour where shade is: you may be surprised to find they have an hour or two during the day when they get no shade and the coop is hot.

Saw this in a raised dog kennel for an outdoor kept dog. The owners had put the kennel under a tree, but because of the seasonal change in sunshine angle, the poor dog was dying in full sun with no place to go to escape it. It happened while they were at work, so they had no way of knowing. I left them a note, and the next day the dog had a tarp. :)

I did not go help the dog when I saw it. People around here have guns, shoot first, joke with cops later. Hunting dogs may also be pretty wild.
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There is shade from 2-3:30 pm then sun, then shade from 5 on . They always have shade under the coop of is hot here in FL and I did take that into consideration but, unfortunately, we do not have a treed yard :( and the one tree they are under only gives shade for a couple of hours ....there is a fence that takes over after 5:30 or so.
I might call this the "Rinky-Dink Chicken Coop" LOL
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