My 6 wk old australorp looks like she is trying to wretch - what is she trying to tell me


7 Years
Oct 12, 2012
Southwest Desert
She is acting fine, except for walking around and sticking her head up and opening her mouth really wide as if she is trying to work something out. She is still inside the house, eats chick starter and gets out into the lawn for a couple of hours during the day. I gave her some chick grit to see if that might help. Any insight is appreciated.
Thanks for the response. She does not make noise when she does this. I sure hope she's a "she".
I have not wormed them yet. Will check out that thread to figure out my next step. Am brand new to this adventure.
Thanks again.
remember- there are never any silly questions in this adventure! what i have been told is to use wazine forst- its milder on their system- has she lost any weight?
Sorry for the delay. Have been outside most of the day. She has been playing in the outside playpen I put together for them until their coop is ready. She has been acting just fine and doesn't appear to have lost any weight. She's my biggest girl of the 3. RIR, Americauna and this Australorp. Having so much fun with them so far. We started with 4 and these 3 have made it this far. Lots to learn and enjoy. Thanks again. I think she's just fine. I need to just relax. :)
All of my chickens do this from time to time, especially after pigging out on something. I think they are just trying to rearrange the contents of their crop. I would not worm them unless and until you see definate signs of a worm overload. I would also suggest this thread for lots of wonderful knowledge on how to keep your flock super healthy and prevent almost every type of problem.

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