My 7 girls at almost 5 weeks...LOTS OF PICS

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    Jun 22, 2010
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    The girls are almost 5 weeks in these pictures. I had to put them outsite at 4 weeks eventhough their coop in not completely finished yet and they have done wonderfully. I'm in Miami so it's perfectly warm outsite for them but I have to admit I was nervous the first night since it was raining a lot.

    3 of them (Silver Cuckoo Maran, RIR and Speckled Sussex) are big compared to the others. The Silver Laced Wyandotte is the smallest and slowest feathering.

    Here are the pics, I know it's probably too early but are they all looking like girls? or does it look like I might have a boy?

    Sookie (Speckled Sussex) She's very smart and sweet too


    Lola (Silver Cuckoo Maran) She's a sweet girl, always close to me and likes to be touched and held


    Peaches (RIR) Sweet girl and so curious



    Bella (Light Brown Leghorn) So beautiful but not friendly at all


    Mia (Golden Laced Wyandotte) She's not very friendly and very fast



    Lia (Silver Laced Wyandotte) She's the fastest and smallest and slowest to feather


    Summer (Easter Egger) Sweet and docile girl


    All of them together [​IMG]

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    Too cute! I want to get a speckled sussex my next time around, but I think I better wait til my other chicks come in.

    I had a slow feathering chick (an RIR) but in the past few weeks her feathers have really come on, and now I can hardly tell her from the other RIR's.

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    What a great blend of breeds. I have SS as well... LOVE THEM. Thanks for the pics [​IMG]

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