My 7 month old hen has a hurt foot.

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  1. heatherhanscom

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    Dec 26, 2009

    My 7 month old has a hurt foot or toe. She has been confined for 3 months now and has not improved at all. She stands but has to balance with her wing. One of her toes is crooked and we are wondering if it healed wrong and if there is anything we can do for her? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Heather
  2. chicachic

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    :(Hi Heather and any responders; coincidentally my husband called me at work and said that my silkie rooster had his foot stuck in the fencing around his pen. He freed him and said that he is alert but not moving... has any one else ever had a chicken with a broken?? leg . Not sure if it is because I am at work just thought I'd throw out this question because I have no idea what i will do if it is broken Or for tha tmatter if I'd even recognize it as broken He's a pet, so eating him wouldn't be an option. [​IMG]

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