My 7 week old silver duckwing OEG purred today for the first time! I am so proud of her :D

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    Mar 30, 2012
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    hello everyone!!

    today my 7 week old silver duckwing OEG purred for the first time! i was so very excited and proud of her :D
    her name is Baby and she is very special. she is super small for a bantam, probably smaller than most bantams her age. i do not think she will get too much larger. she is a big time momma girl lol she sings for me, does little dances and happily chills on my lap (sometimes she just sleeps on my lap). i love this chicken so much!

    well this morning i woke up and went out to make sure they all had fresh food and water. whenever they hear and see me coming my sebright will trill and they will all get excited and run to the door to greet me. my little baby always chirps so loud for me to pick her up. after i feed and water them all i finally pick baby up for some lap time. she got comfortable right away and started to fall asleep. so i sat there with her for a good 5 minutes patting her. than all of a sudden she made these cute tiny little noises! OMG i almost died of the cuteness lol she must have done it at least 4 or 5 times and it sounded just like a tiny tiny purr! she loves to be petted but i didnt know she loved it that much :D

    i just wanted to share my happy morning with everyone, i am so proud of my little baby! i will try to video tape it next time to show everyone. if i can manage to capture it on film later today i will post a link to it or upload it here :D

    have a great day everyone, i know i will!!

    oh, here is a pic of my baby... the purring chicken!!



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    She's just precious!! I have a little serama (duckwing too coincidentally) who trills and purrs when she's being loved on... [​IMG]

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