My Aflac is hospitalized for 10 days now


Feb 2, 2017
Las vegas
no one can figure out why aflac is quacking like he’s snuffed to death! He has deffenetely got himself a ton of mold in this house The inspector came out I don’t know how long it has been here I’m going to help department or tomorrow that Mold has been removed from the wall behind the dishwasher in the kitchen but it’s all over the place is yelling I see water damage in the ceiling and baseboards off the wall I found more behind thereI looked inside on my vents there very rusty for Las Vegas and my situation wants to tell me that due to neglect in the last two years it’s not his responsibility to take care of my sick animals and I said if I would’ve known that the pipe was broken and entire house I don’t like going through it to years ago I would’ve reported it not that that means anything about this incident like this getting any better they did x-rays like I had said and they couldn’t find the hole in trachea because it was so covered up with an infestation ofmites and mold I didn’t want to go over there and see him because I didn’t want him to be sad when I left again but they had asked me to come because it was a week because he seemed a little down so I went there and he came in and he just walked over to the corner under a chair which is not like him he wasn’t quite done when I had to leave you pick them up and he just went with him he wasn’t sad he wasn’t question wasn’t trying to chase me down he wasn’t out of line they have retreated him with the same medicine that they give for Ducks and I Still star little tiny black bugs or maybe those were the eggs I don’t now because he’s moping but I still saw some in the scalp revitalize I because I looked everywhere why I was there it’s not like it was but they should be dead in the most 10 days I had them flush out his novels because it seem like he couldn’t breathe and I know that the type of bag underneath her skin and I don’t know if they got within his skin type notes or anything and clogged it so you. He couldn’t breath He’s been on antibiotics for fungus as well but he doesn’t appear to be a while I’m at a loss for words I can’t stop crying I am looking for house as we speak to be out of here by four which is very difficult not having moneyBecause I have a son who has schizophrenia I’m sure he has all types of mold spores with him him


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