My air conditioned coop!


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Apr 2, 2013
Paso Robles,Ca
Well sort of, haha. It's just a temp. fix for the next week. It hasn't been too hot the last week that we put the chicks out in the coop, but yesterday got to around 95 and the coop hit over 100 inside. They were panting and had their wings open so we set up our temp run in the shade and hung out outside for the afternoon(took them out before the coop hit 100). Today is going to be even a little warmer and tomorrow will be around 100 and the rest of the week is in the 90's, could be a long and hot summer
. The run will be going in next week, but that doesn't help this week. So the wife and I were trying to figure out what to do so we don't roast the chicks(love me some roasted chicken, just prefer to do it in a different fashion!) since leaving them in the temp run isn't an option without us around.

Then my wife jokingly says,"hey what about the window a/c unit we have, haha." Wait, that's not a bad idea! She rolls here eyes, but my brain starts spinning. So I went out this morning and rigged it up. Waiting for the timer to come on and we will see how it works


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