My alleged Australorps, with pics, I hope....


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I recently posted a question about stripes on baby Australorps. Well, I found my camera, charged the battery, and took some pics last night.

Here they are at one month old

Notice the dark feet and legs, at least on the fronts/tops

Are there any Australorpers out there who have had chicks that look like these? Any other ideas?

Where did you get the chick('s) at? Did they say that they were Australorps?
They look like Barred Rocks.. Defiantly not a pure Australorp...

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I got them at the feed store, they get them from Privett Hatchery. My selection was made in a bit of a rush, since the Jersey Giants I had ordered did not come in. The shipment included barred rocks, and after a moments contemplation the nice chicken lady told me that those were Australorps. I also got Buff Orps, the two JGs that did come in, and Welsummers, all of who look about like they are supposed to. Whatever these two are, they are the friendliest and calmest of the bunch, so far.
My hatchery catalog says that Astralorps have white tips to their feathers until they are full grown... So maybe they just have to go through their first molt? Idk, just telling u what my catalog says...
Those are Barred Rocks.
Just out of curiosity what color are the Buff Orpingtons leg color?

My australorps are 6 weeks old..They are solid black except for around thier face is yellow and they have white tips on their wings..Also their feet are blackish gray. Sorry, you didn't get what you paid for. If it helps, I also have a barred rock and she is a sweetheart!! She"s my favorite!!
Here's a pic of my Australorp around 2.5 or 3 weeks:

Here she is at around 2 months:

She's got blackish grey legs and I think they were dark since I got her as a 2 day old.
Ah, same thing happened to me. I had reserved some chicks at the feed store and they set half of them aside. The lady told me one set aside was an Australorp but I realized later it was a BR. They look very very similar as day-olds.


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