My Ameracauna laid beautiful bluish green eggs at first, now they are pink

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    Dec 27, 2015
    My Americauna started laying in Late summer....beautiful bluish greenish eggs. Since early November, her eggs have become pink, not beige...but soft pink. What caused this and will they become blue again in spring, or is it her diet. I added cracked corn along that time to her feed....and oyster shells. I am baffled.
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    Your hen stores the coloring chemicals in her body that she deposits both on the outside of the eggshell and the inside of the egg. As egg production continues your hen will run out of these colors. Once she has a break she will replenish her store of coloring. It is possible to monitor the color loss of various hen body parts and figure out which hen is laying and which hen is a drain on your resources. Various body parts loose their colors in a specific sequence and recover their coloration in the reverse odor. Some of these hen body parts are face, comb, eye ring, feet, vent, etc.

    AND [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC!

    Is she your only 'Americauna'?
    Can you post a pic of her?

    Don't think a blue/green egg layer can change to a pink egg layer as the shell base is a different color,
    (blue shell base for green/blue egg and white shell base for pinks/browns),
    and that can't change like the overlay color can.
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