My Americauna has lesions around her eye. One eye won't open.

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  1. astabley

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    May 24, 2011
    I have a 15 week old Americauna. Within the past 3 days lesions have appeared around her eyes. One eye won't open. She can see from the other but it is red and runny. I wiped her eyes with a wet paper towel but no change. She eats, drinks and poops ok, but she has become more docile. I've separated her from the others. I live in hot humid Florida. I keep the coop clean and they free range all day. At night I put them in the coop. I have an orpington that 'honks' like a goose and I gave her injections of Tylan for 3 days but no change. But she seems healthy other then the 'honking' and continues to lay. The other 8 of my flock are doing very well. any body have any idea what is wrong with my chick? I can't afford a vet so I need to treat her myself. Thanks
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    May 14, 2009
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    Can you post a picture for us of these lesions?
  3. astabley

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    May 24, 2011
    I'm not able to post a pic. Today my little Americauna's eyes are better. The lesions have gone and she has both eyes open. They are still red around the eyes and watery. She is more active to the point she flew off my patio through a torn screen in the door to join her mommy and sister [​IMG] I'll continue to watch her to besure she continues to heal. Thanks for your help.
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    Quote:My first thought was fowl pox, but since the lesions arnt there now, she couldve been pecked or maybe scratched herself somehow. You could put a little neosporin around the eyes if you want, or even in the eyes if you wish.
    Dont bother giving your Orpington antibiotics....they wont work. It's the heat that is causing her to honk. My EE does the same thing, honks like a goose. Try to get a box fan running in their pen to circulate air, make sure they have plenty of fresh cool water to drink, shade helps as well. I have a fan inside their house blowing air out the rear vent 24/7. At night fresh air is sucked in through the side vents, there isnt any direct airflow on the birds. My EE doesnt honk hardly any at night.

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