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My Angel went broody....

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by fishnet1971, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. yup, I wondered how long until my new 'Mommydom' with my flock would stop being so easy. When I went to let my Bird and his Fluffy Butts out of the coop for a late afternoon snow stroll it didnt seem just right. Bird flew up on my shoulder and started to peck at my face. ??????[​IMG] whats that all about??? He is such a baby normally. Anyway, I gave him a peanut and put him down on the snow. (of course that was after i shoveled them a pathway.) He started twords the coop door and had this look like

    "COME ONE MOMMY!!!! run momma, come see momma. MOMMA momma mommaaaaaaaaa!!! what's wrong with Angel??? She's sitting in her nest box all alone and making funny noises!!! Momma come on run!!!!" [​IMG] I swear if he could talk we would alll be in a very VERY bad place right now.

    So, I did and saw my little Angel girl sitting there, with my other girls 8 eggs under her. She had this 'cluck cluck cluck' noise and fluffed all up. soooooo cute!!!!!!!!! i took the eggs out and took her out of the box. Tossed her fluffy butt right out 'the coop!!!!!!! Its too early right? I mean, hey, I would love some little ones, but I dont want them out in the cold!!! She seemed to be ok and walk around with her sisters the rest of the night, and I put her on the perch when they were going in..........
    then.... I shook my head and walked away. She jumped back down into her next box.

    Next day? same thing. I took the eggs and she came out on her own then.
    This AM? She was on the floor pecking around. Did I get lucky and break her that easy????

    Maybe I should just get some Silkie eggs from you guys and let her hatch them for me!!!!! [​IMG]

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  2. Cavendish Chickens

    Cavendish Chickens Songster

    Apr 24, 2010
    Summit County, Ohio
    I wonder how long it will take for my white rock to go broody.... I was told she hatched around June 12th, so she's not even a yr old yet... but... yeah... I wonder.
  3. Angel was an April fools lady. I was told red sex links dont go broody that often. I always new I had a 'different' bunch.

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  4. This morning she was back at it. I took the eggs, put her down to eat some leftover potatoes, corn and pork chops. she downed it faster than a jackrabbit on caffeine and went back to the empty nest.

    What do I do???????[​IMG]
  5. serendipityfarm

    serendipityfarm Songster

    Mar 28, 2010
    My experience? The bes way to break a broody... buy some hatching eggs!
    I am NOT kidding. TWICE this has happened to me. The second time I only ordered eggs after she had been sitting for nearly 2 months! The day before they arrived, she quit!!!

    Anyway, my advice is to make sure she means it before you spend the money, especially if she was that easy to break.
    Good Luck!


    PS- There is nothing cuter than a broody with her eggs or babies, but nothing more frustrating than trying to break a determined one when you don't want to hatch!
  6. how do i tell? she is back on the nest today, but the fact that she was off it for a few hours yesterday would means she's just messign with me?

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