My Anna gone broody again..


May 25, 2020
Back to 21st April one of my 6 hens went broody and she was all puffed up and not leaving her nest box. It was first time in 2 years (She's a two year old hen). I gave her ten eggs from different hens (They were all crossed with my bantam cochin rooster) She sat for 21 days and hatched 3 chicks on 10th of May. Today's 25th of May and she went to one of nest box and sat on the eggs that were yet to be picked.. I let her mix with flock 2 times a day. Its been 15 days and she wants eggs plus she's not letting me move her chicks of previous hatch. She now has a commerical egg to sit and her two 3 chicks only 2 weeks old. should I give her real eggs?


Free Ranging
Apr 21, 2018
Robertson County, TN
Only if you want her to hatch more eggs. Some chickens really love being mommas. I have a couple out of my 14 hens that have tried being broody. I normally try to break them of it because while I would LIKE more chicks, I don't NEED more chicks lol. But that is just me. As long as she is good and healthy.... the choice is truly yours. I would make sure she is truly committed to sitting first before giving her eggs though.


Mar 4, 2019
Can you explain what being Broody means ? I have 6 young hens and I would like to hatch some chicks but I want to eat most of them > I need to understand what is going to happen when they are old enough to lay

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