My avatar (horse bucking)Video

Ride her cowgirl!!

You know, I love to watch horse videos on youtube but my all time favorites are of folks getting bucked and thrown off
I'm doing good I guess.I'm home schooled now because of my back issues and suppose to have surgery in Dec.

How are you doing?

Surgery sucks.... but I hope it makes everything well again!

We're all doing well. Lost a couple of chickens, one drowned in the horse water bucket, one was eaten by raccoons - I never did think I'd be able to kill a raccoon - but we did, two of them a few nights later.
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That sucks about the raccoon.I lost a broody hen a few nights ago to what I think was a raccoon.All was left was feathers and her cold eggs.Poor girl

Iv lost "alot" of chickens/chicks from them drowning.I cant even let the geese have a plastic swimming pool,because every time I put it out there the bantys ALWAYS fall in
Aw, come on... You call that bucking?! Those were bunny hops.
Sounds like you don't need that right now... How did you hurt your back? Is it genetic or was it horse induced?

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