My babies are going to their new home today... Advice for momma?


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Mar 19, 2010
wellsburg, Wv.
My Black call hatched out 7 babies last week. They have been living in a dog crate on my porch since then. They are too little to be roaming the yard with momma. My cats would surely try to take them out. Also it's been chilly and I wanted them to be protected from drafts.

This is my first time hatching babies that I'm selling. Today is the soonest the the new owner could pick them up. Momma duck is extremely protective of her babies as a new momma should be. But, what's going to happen when we take them away from her?
I know she's going to be distraught.

She can fly. Should I keep her in the dog crate for a couple days after so she doesn't leave to look for them?
If I put her back in with the other ducks, my drake is going to harass her, and if she wants to she will just fly out of their enclosure anyway.

I don't know what to do.



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May 3, 2009
New Jersey
As you have probably discovered, she will call and call and call-----------for them. Call hens can be very vocal as it is. Taking away their ducklings will only add to this.

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