My Babies are gone!

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Tough choices had to be made!!!!!!
    Well everyone - We took the lads to their new home. They were supposed to go yesterday but it didn;t work out so we took them today!
    The fellow who wanted them is someone we already knew. He was waiting for the birds to arrive and was really happy with them.
    He took us down to show us where they would live. -
    There were several big pens all linked together in a big pasture. The fence round it was really high so nothing can get in to them. He put Blue and Omlet in a pen in the middle and they had another hen in there with them but they didn;t bother with her. A little Banty in the next pen started to face up to Blue but other then that no bother.
    The lads just started to explore and eat. It is a beautiful place on top of a hill with loads of green fields around it. There is also a goat to keep them company.
    The fellow there is also creating a large pond for Ducks and has ideas to make a petting zoo type thing with all sorts of Birds. So he doesn;t mind if Omlet is a boy or a girl.
    That means the lads will be together forever!!!!!!!! In a safe place and will never be for meat but for chicks.

    We were also told that if he gets chicks from breeding Blue he is going to let us have a hen from the match. So I could very well still get my Olive Egger????
    Also the other two boys Duck and Big Red are settling in well at Hope cottage on the edge of the village. That means that if we ever wanted to "borrow" Red back to put to Bertha for more Red speckled sussex we can. So everyone is alive and happy and settling into new homes. I am happy because the other option was killing them and that would have been such a wast of 4 lovely birds!

    We went to the store after to shop and I picked up two chickens from the meat counter for £7 - I thought to myself I AM SO GLAD I DIDN:T HAVE TO KILL MY LADS!!!!!!! They are worth far more than a good meal!!!!!!! Now they can give pleasure for many years to come and be safe!!!!!!



    Kind of upset tonight though and finding it all a bit tough and I am sad because if I had more land I would never have had to give them up.
    Really miss my boys soooooo much. But I know I had to give them away to save them.
    I miss the way little Omlet would run after Blue toward the house with that awful
    Waddle he/she had because of the curve in the breast bone. It made them look a bit like Loral an Hardy! Shows my age!!!! I so never wanted to give up the lads but the houses here are very close together unlike in America where everything is larger!!!! The lads gave me such pleasure these months and if it were not for Omlet I wouldn;t be on BYC at all. All those months of trying tokeep him/her alive and all those Vet bills etc!!!! Though how many other birds survive 28 days in the brooder before hatching???

    I keep thinking did Daryl at their new home remember to help Blue and Omlet to bed because they have NO idea how to go into a coop for the night!!!!! I worry about them getting cold or sick or not having enough food ? Gosh I sound like I just sent them off to University??? I am chicken obsessed!
    I don;t think anyone understands at all!!!!!!!! DH thinks I am insane and says in the end they are "only chickens". Stupidly he demonstrated this by getting three manky hens from a lad down the road!!!!!! They look awful and half starved and NO good for breeding as they all have crossed beaks! I will have my work cut out trying to feed them up and making good laying hens from them. I call the little one ASBO hen - she came with an ankle bracelet. Here when kids get an asbo (Anti - social Behaviour Order they get one! ) So she will be called ASBO I reckon at least until we get the thing off her and treat her legs and feet which look like they have scally mites!!!!!! So in place of my beautiful 4 roos I now have 3 manky hens!!!! To DH there is no difference. It really is hard to explain to him that its the difference of having a good show Dog and a MUTT !!!!! - I tried to explain the difference in breeds of chicken but that was hard work too! I tried to tell him about Sussex as he likes the white ones but also loved the big Red rooster we had. - I tried to explain that Bertha our Speckled Sussex is the same bird as the white ones just Speckled - I said it was like a Labrador you can get Brown or cream ones but they are still Labradors. He just shrugged his shoulders and said yeah but they are still Dogs!!!!! Ahhhhhhh [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I guess some folk are not ever going to be insanely in love with chickens!
    I miss my boys and want to drive 15 miles just to check they are in bed???
    Am I mad or what???? [​IMG]


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    Jun 11, 2009
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    azalia, indiana
    I'm the same way when I have to rehome! Sounds like you found them some terrific new places, [​IMG]
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    Jun 7, 2010
    Thanks for that.

    It really upset me to have to give them up - But I just knew if I didn;t it would end badly for them. The neighbors round here have been known to kill animals they didn;t like about. Like cats that kill their racing Pigeons etc! Or Dogs that bark too much!

    I do take comfort in that they have a lovely place to live - its deffinately a palace compared to this place!!!

    They certainly have great opportunity for a very good long life with loads of friends to make and hens to "love"!!!!

    I still miss them though and our yard is somewhat devoid of colour now that good looking legbar isn;t here with all those beautiful feathers!

    I know in my heart I did the right thing and I coulldn;t pass up the offer of a good home for them both together. I supposed I could have sold them but I can;t put a price on them - they were never for sale.

    I am glad others understand how I feel. I am just so blessed that I have had the chance to have those two Omlet and Blue in my life for the time I have had them here.
    I watched them struggle and DH getting them out of their eggs and I sat up at night worrying and force feeding them with a syringe. I learned so much. I sent them away happy and healthy and loved so I guess I did my best to be a Chicken Momma!!! The other two Roos I always thought of as Bertha's boys because they had a mother hen but Blue and Omlet were hand reared and only had DH and I. So I guess in that way we were Mom and Dad and I always refered to them as the KIDS! Funny but when they were little DH and I said to eachother you know it will be just our luck they will both be boys! I am pretty sure they both are!!!!! I can;t believe Blue who had to be helped hatch at 27 days survived to be such a beautiful boy!! And Omlet helped out of the shell at 28 days ( I was throwing the eggs out when I saw a whole!!!) He lay still for 12 hours before he started to move and its been a long fight for life!!!!! I am pretty sure he will do ok now.

    Well we got through it all even the curved breast bone Issue that the Vet told me to kill Omlet with - I nursed him through it all.
    They so made my life blessed these months I can tell you.
    Oesdog [​IMG]

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