My babies aren't babies anymore!


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5 Years
Mar 21, 2014
Oh my Pekin babies have grown so fast! They are 7 weeks old. They don't have all of their adult feathers yet, but have most. I believe I have 2 hens and one drake. I still have a huge brooder we built for them and build up as they grow. I also created them a little pen outside to play which now has a pool. I pick them up every day and carry them place to place, putting them in brooder in garage at night. They never warmed up to me even though I handle them everyday, treats, clean, etc. The hens are getting used to me picking them up to take them, but the drake is a different story. He goes nuts. He will trample the other two to get away from me. Lol I believe if it weren't for him my babies would be following me around and such but as it stands I can only pick them up out if something enclosed.

I bought a little harness and leash and want to start trying to train them to follow me. My question is, should I begin with the drake?

Also, when can I move the brooder outside to the pen? I will still lock them up at night, but its still getting down to the upper 30s here in Michigan at night...

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