My babies leg!! *help*

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    Jul 28, 2010
    I was so stupid last night and left Rodney & Angel my 2 month old chicks in the stable with my donkey.... and he (donkey) trampled Angel and rodney was in a corner on his own so i checked him over and its just his leg thats damaged. He can move about but its just limping but not putting any weight on the bad leg. Is there anything i can do if it is broken or if its even freactured, how can i find out if it is broken? His foot is very swollen. PLEASE HELP he was my first chick i raised and i love him so so much :'(

    Thank you

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    Lotty, I'm sorry. What I would do is make an isolation pen for your Rodney so he can be comfortable and has easy access to food and water. Sometimes if the injury is not too bad, he may self heal. Do you have access to a vet that is willing to help? It will not be inexpensive, but certainly up t o you and your budget if you can afford. The other thing you can do is to make a homemade splint. set up.

    See this thread on how to make a sling. It might help.

    Have a blessed day.

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