My babies mixed well with the big lot.


8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
I let the chicks out today into the coop while i cleaned their brooders.
After i finished i decided that i was going to let them into the run and supervise them with my older lot, i was pleasently surprised at how well it went, only a couple of small pecks from my 20 week old pullets.
I have been wanting to integrate them for a few weeks now as they are out growing their brooders, but was scared as my 2 eldest hens are bullies.
I kept the 2 bullies out of the run today when i let the chicks out, my other pullets and a 16 week old cockerel were great with them.
If it went well today does this mean they will be ok with them from now on or should i carry on letting them freerange together every day for a few hours before i let them all loose together permenantely?
Also how should i proceed with the bullies being introduced to the chicks?

PS the chicks range between 16 to 11 weeks old.
I would only let them with the older birds supervised unless the area is big enough, etc. so they can get away from the older birds if there is a problem. Normally you don't want them to be mixed together unless they are close to the older birds in size.

I have some 12 week olds that I allow out on 1/2 acre with older birds but they go to a different coop to sleep. Their range has plenty of hiding places and such so there is rarely a problem and if there is, they just run and don't get beat up.
They do free range all day but i do have a run that i can enclose them in if need be. I let the chicks out in the run just to test the water and see how the older ones acted with them.
When i eventually integrate them properly they will have a large garden to roam in all day.

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