My baby Arucanas aren't eating very much?


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May 18, 2011
So they are about 10 days old and we already lost one so now we have 2. I don't think she was eating??? Not sure. Any way they just aren't eating like my other chicks did. I could hardly keep up with the food with that lot. I know they are eating something because they are pooping. But I have barely had to change the wood shavings. Is there something else I should be doing?

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I would sprinkle a little boiled egg on top of their food- it may encourage them to eat a little more. Or make them a mash from their starter crumbles- my chicks go nuts over some wet food. Good luck!
Scramble an egg with a little milk, let it cook in the microwave (60 sec or so). let it cool. This will give them a protein boost. you can also get chick electrolytes or Pedialyte. you may have to hand feed them.

I had some sickly chicks a while back. I put a mix of fluids and egg in an eye dropper and fed them. It wasnt real easy but the all turned around.
Thank you I will try those things. I don't want to loose another.
I don't know of any scientific proof of this, but I was told that putting a little bit of organic apple cider vinegar in their drinking water will keep them healthy. A tablespoon per gallon of water seems to be plenty. My chicks have been getting this since I bought them, except for about a week when I was wondering if it helped. They have been very healthy and eat like horses. I think their poop smelled worse without the vinegar in their water. If you try it, remember it has to be organic apple cider vinegar, found at the health food store. Mrs. Braggs is what I am using. Don't bother with the regular white vinegar; it's not the same.

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