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    Dec 28, 2014
    Ive had my baby chick for 3 days, he wasnt as active as the others but was still eating and drinking. this morning i noticed he wasnt moving much so i separated him from the rest. he wont drink or eat. i tried to give him water with a dropper, and he started breathing with his mouth open,(i did it slow as to no get water in the lungs) then i tried some sugar water and he did the same thing. he peeps every now and again but wont get up on his own or even open his eyes and i dont know what else to do. I have the temperature good and no shavings. just news paper, paper towels, and wash clothes, so nothing has been ingested unless he got something when i let them outside for a bit yesterday. also it looks like he has a sack of fluid or something on the right side of hid chest. please help :(
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    Welcome to BYC. I would get some SaveAChick vitamins and electrolytes, and mix in water. Pedialyte for babies, or Gatorade will work in a pinch until you get some. Dip his beak as often as you can, while giving him time to swallow. Do this for the next few hours. The fluid filled sack most likely is his crop where food and water is stored. Hopefully he will perk up, but keep him warm under a heat lamp at 90 degrees F, and decrease it by 5 degrees weekly.

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