My baby chick died


11 Years
Mar 29, 2008

I bought a Silkie and a Frizzled Cochin on Monday. Tonight when I went to bed about 12:30 I noticed they weren't cherping, I went and looked and my little Maisey had died. She was still warm. Maisey is a Frizzled Cochin. Now my concern is her sister. I am not sure if Maisey died of something that can spread to Marabou or not or if by chance the shavings I had them in caused it. They were old and when I went to changed the cage tonight (after her death), they smell moldy (the new bedding out of the old bag, not the first bedding for them).

I cleaned everything again, went out and bought a new bag of shavings for Marabou. But now my son says everytime Marabou closes her eyes she opens her mouth to take breaths. We had a baby robin start out doing this and then all the sudden died too.

My son played with the chicks about 5 or so this afternoon and both were fine. I looked briefly in on them after that and both were fine.

any idea what happen? And what should I watch for now with Marabou? I will go back to the breeder and get another, not sure if these are like ducks, but ducks need companions asap or they give up sometimes and just do not thrive.

I did notice that Maisey and Marabou were both extremely thin, but it has been years since I had a baby chick and cannot remember, but my ducks weren't that thin at that age. Marabou since Monday has picked up weight (you cannot feel her breast bone as much now), but Maisey was still on the then side.

Please let me know what you think. Oh, Marabou is supposed to be about 3 months old, I think Maisey was maybe 4 weeks.
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Moldy shavings, straw, or hay can cause severe respiratory distress. So that "may" have been your cause.

I would keep a close eye on the other girl.

Chickens do like companions.
Yes, I was using cedar, the same stuff I used for my Brama and my ducks. But last night when I went and got new I bought pine and the Silkie is on the pine now.
The only thing is, when I put the shavings in they didn't smell moldy. But they were damp and I blow dried them until they were dry.

I keep checking on the Silkie chick and she is ok, eating and drinking as always.
The pine will work well for far as getting another 'friend' for her, I certinly would, but if you thought they were thin, I would go somewhere else if you have that option...just my 2 cents.
How old are they? Sometimes they will eat shavings. A lot of people put them on an old sheet or paper towels over the shavings until they are about a week old and know what is food and what is not. Do try to get your remaining chickie a little friend for company.
The chick was probably about 4 weeks old.
I got another one, she is same size. Yes, she is just a skinny as the first, my Silkie is not skinny anymore, so not sure about all that.
This new one was active in her cage while I was there, was active in the van on the way home. Once I put her in the cage here she immediately went to sleep. Concerned I took both her and Marabou out and put them on a towel next to a heater, she slept and slept, one point she fell over but got back up. My husband even made the comment that she did not look alive at times.
Last night I woke her up showed her the water and food again, she drank and drank, I let her be. Went back in later and she was asleep. I made her a little bed up high closer to the heater. Laid her there and I went on to bed. Marabou is staying a way from the heater now.
I got up this morning to check on them and the baby climbed down from her spot and was eating and drinking with Marabou and cherps whenever you walk in now.
I am not sure why she slept like she did unless the pecking order was too much on her over there. I know she was just switched to the big pen days before I got her.

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