my baby chicks cant stand and their feet are curling

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    My baby chicks are about 4 days old. One only walks on its heels and one of its feet is all curled up. The other one stands up but hops on one foot. And my newest baby looks like it has a tumor on its neck [​IMG].....PLEASE help! did i do something wrong and is it normal for chicks 4 days old to not be walking right.... [​IMG]
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    I don't know about the "tumor", but do a search for "chick boots" -- you can tape their feet to a piece of cardboard or styrofoam to help the toes straighten. Check in the "emergencies and disease" section.
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    Do you have them on vitamins? Try breaking open a Vitamin E capsule and giving it to them in a dropper (just a few drops for each chick). It could be a vitamin deficiency. You might want to put some vitamins and electrolytes in their water. Another thing that might work is giving them a few drops each of Nutri-Drench. You could also give them some Poly-vi-sol baby vitamins without iron.

    I hope they are alright! [​IMG]

    I just checked the Chicken Health Handbook and it says that curled toes could be caused by either a vitamin deficiency, too low humidity when hatching or a cold brooder floor. Are they huddling? They might be too cold? If the chicks are resting on their hocks and not walking and their toes are curled which is caused by a riboflavin deficiency.
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