My Baby Chicks


7 Years
Apr 11, 2012
Hart County,Kentucky
My babies i got a few days ago :) 1 Black Australorp an 1 Brown IDK ? lol

Mom What is that Flashy Thing ?

I said put it away !

They Are Completely different but they are still cute !
They are adorable! I must stop looking at baby pics. I'm going broody.
My babies are growing so fast ! they have started to get there feather's now and losing there down :( i love how soft they are when they are a few day's :) they are so cute !
my lilly is a big love and she jumps up on my lap and my shoulder and you know what there feathers are really soft too when she is on my shoulder i lay my head on her and cuddle (some times I give her a bear hug shes not to keen on that but dont put up to much of a fight either) and all athough feathers not as soft as down there still soft

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