My baby girl chick attacked by fellow chickens

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    I hope I have this in the right forum since my incident is no longer considered an emergency. Yesterday afternoon I came home to find one of my BSL chicks (3 weeks old) caught between the fence and the other pullets/cockrels. Talk about some mob action. I was so upset because I knew it was too early to let them be with the older chicks. I have really beat myself up over it, so let this be a learning lesson for someone else please. She was bleeding everywhere. What little feathers she had was for the most part gone on her left wing and underneath. I have to say first and foremost, that one of my Newfies alerted me to the situation and was trying desperately to get the attention of the other chickens.

    I scooped up my little girl and ran in the house. Fortunately the computer was still on and I quickly went to the Emergency part of this forum. After reading as quickly as I could, I went and started boiling an egg, getting some electrolytes in some water and started mixing up some Hydrogen Peroxide and water. After cleaning her up, I got the triple antibiotic ointment and applied that. She was in shock and refused to drink but she started inhaling the boiled egg. I added a little grit to it before she started eating.

    About 15-20 min after this happened my kids got home from school. My youngest and I ran to Farm King with the chick in tow. Both of us at this point have blood all over our shirts and I also have boiled egg remnents on me as well. My daughter bless her heart went and found someone immediately and said "we have to have Blue Kote! One of our chicks is hurt and the BYC forum said we need to have it!" After about 15 min of arduous searching with store employees, we found the product as well as some poultry vitamins. Poor baby, I knew it was going to hurt when I sprayed it, but she was a real trooper. My daughter and I now have blue/purple hues to our fingers and forearms as a reminder of that day. Also purchased a medicine dropper, some Epson Salt and some more Hydrogen Peroxide.

    Here are some pictures of my lil girl. She looks 100% better than she did yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you to each and every member of this forum. Saving her was a group effort even if none of you knew it.



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    The poor girl. Don't you just love blue kote? I used it when something got my Lucky last hear.
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    Awww, poor little thing. Im so glad you got home when you did tho. She looks good. Glad you was able to get her the attention you needed.
    I must say tho....."blue fingers". that stuff is a PILL to get off!!
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    Poor little thing. Good save on your part and I hope you gave your doggie some extra lovin' for being so attentive. Glad she's better!!!

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