My baby got too cold tonite

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    I feel so bad. I didnt think it was THAT bad, but when I let my two girls out of their pen tonite, my Fussy was crying with every breath, I wasnt sure if she was wheezing of whimpering. She had a runny nose just like a lil kid. I am pretty sure she just got too cold. She started hollering really loud right at 5, I went out at 5:15, but she must have known she needed IN.
    We brought her in, loved on her, let her roam around the kitchen, fed her some hamburger and some warm cooked rice, loved on her some more, and she seems ok now. Put some avia charge in her water, and told her I wont make her stay out all day when its cold anymore, poor baby.
    I think she can handle about 40 degrees, but anthing below that, she whimpers and whines. She has got more feathers than any chicken I have ever seen but apparently they are just for show, cuz they sure dont keep her warm. [​IMG]
    Send my chicken hugs if you will.
  2. Wow, you may need to put a red globe in her house.
    So cute and lovely to see someone else giving chicken lovin!!!
    May need to knit her a cardigan!!!theres some wonderfully crafty women here.
    Good luck with her.

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