my baby quail


Dec 6, 2015
Hello! I have recently started hatching quail. But the thing is they keep dying. I have done some research and observations leading to this event so here they are. The food brand,not being strong enough to hatch from the egg without help,and possibly the egg sac. The reason I say the egg sac is because 2 of my quail had hatched with their egg sac and later died.

I'm not exactly an expert on quail considering I just started hatching them. But I hope I was able to help a little!

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6 Years
Apr 20, 2015
Well.. Start by telling what you are doing. What kind of quail, what kind of feed, what kind of incubator, does it have an automatic turner, do you use extra hydrometers and thermometers, what does your brooder look like, what is the temp in the brooder, do they have a place where they can get out of the heat in the brooder if they need to.. My quail hatch their own chicks, so incubator-related problems aren't my forte, hope someone else will be able to help there.

Edit: I read your post as a question, re-reading it now I realize it wasn't.. But paying attention to the things mentioned might help anyway.
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