My baby turkey wont stop chirping! =( (other questions too)


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I just got a turkey today at the feedbin, we went to just get feed for our ducks and chickens but knowing me I came home with a turkey, and not just any turkey but "THE TURKEY" (oddball of the bunch) What was i suppose to do? The others were pecking him =(

Anyways though, ever since I brought him home when I put him down he chirps consistently and then tries jumping out of the bin, what should I do? is this normal? He stops immediately when I pick him up and then falls asleep in my hand but when I set him down he just goes nuts. I am trying music on him rite now, its sort of working but is still trying to jump out. I would have gotten 2 turkeys but we already have 21 chickens, 4 ducks and 3 geese. I don't want him to hurt himself jumping.

Besides this question I was wondering if someone could give me information about turkeys, Like are they good pets? The type I got is bronze. And how old are they until they start laying eggs?.
Turkeys are very social birds. Your poult has imprinted on you. Place a cover over brooder (will prevent escapes). You can carry it around in a pocket and feed it meal worms and moths all day (will keep it quiet), you can place brooder where it can see you all the time. However, after awhile, the only time you'll hear the peeping is when it sounds unusual (at that point you'll have become an experienced surrogate hen).

Feed store Bronze are usually Broad Breasted table birds (bred to be eaten not to be `petted' - the hens can breed naturally - toms? not so much). They are easy to get attached to, just an FYI. Some folks have kept BB hens for 5+ years but this is the exception, not the rule.

The heritage varieties make very good Backyard companions.
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Ty Ivan :) I noticed he settled down when he could see me, I want to put him in with the chickens but there too big for him rite now and would just peck him to death. I wasn't sure whether or not I was going to keep him until thanksgiving or just keep him as a pet but he is just so attached to me idk if I could do that so I am hoping its a she, if its a male I will probably just keep him anyways to mow the lawn and keep the bugs away =)

I don't know why people say turkeys are so dumb, they show so much affection, if anything thats the smart thing to do with there owner :)
With the very good chance that it's a Broad Breasted, watch the feed intake and encourage exercise (free range would be ideal). You don't want it to just park by a feeder and eat all day. If you can keep the weight gain slow and steady, it will be best for your little poult. Then if you do decide it's Thanksgiving dinner, it will still fit in the oven. If you decide to keep it as a pet, it will be more comfortable without the excess weight. Right now I have a one year old and a two year old, both BBW hens. I also have a few heritage turkeys.
You need more than 1 turkey. With my poults (I have 7) If they get separated they chirp like crazy! I can hear it in my house and their pen is 500 ft away!!

-Did you get a heritage bronze or a broad breasted? If you got a broad breasted, chances are it will die of a heart attack before it starts laying eggs. They are designed to grow fast and die young. If it is a heritage bronze, you should be getting eggs after about 9 months, maybe more, maybe less.
I too have a baby turkey that will not stop chirping. I my case though I had two and one died. Wilber was very small and Albert is I guess average. My son brought them home after a trip out in the country. He couldn't find the mother just the two babies. He didn't want to leave them there all alone, they would surely die. Albert seem to do well but Wilber always seemed to have a little trouble. Then a week later Wilber die. Now since then Albert chirps ALL the time. Well the only time he doesn't is when my son lets him sit on his chest. He wants held all the time now. I guess he's lonely. Will he ever grow out of this? Or is he gonna always want someone to hold him. Right now he's living in a large cage in my sons room since he's too small to be out (alone). We're guessing his age to only be a a couple a weeks. I feel so bad for the guy. We've had turkeys before but never babies. Is there anything I can do to make him feel better?
The only thing is to have others Turkeys or Chics his age they are very social animals or carry him around with you in your pocket LOL they need company all the time.
I have heard of people putting small stuffed toy animals in with there Poults.
I have what you need My kids gave me a Bea nee Baby Turkey that sets on top of my Computer Monitor LOL.
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I'm not sure that having 2 poults helps. I've got 2 and all that happened was that both poults cried for me whenever they couldn't see me.

I just ignored them. Otherwise I would have been 24 hours a day at the brooder, talking to them. They are growing up and now they only cry when they see me or hear me talking.
If you got them from a feed store most likely, like someone else said, they are Broad Breasted Bronze bred specifically for a dinner bird. They wont live long as they grow fast quick. A suggestion would be to call the feed store where you bought them and ask what it is specifically. Then you can do all your research from there. I just bought turkey poults from the feed store a few weeks ago and they are Broad Breasted Whites. We are planning on having then for thanks giving and christmas dinner. Though I am also going to purchase some heritage breeds in the very near future for pets and breeding and probably eatting also we will see. Good luck with your turkey they are hilarious to watch.

Oh his chirping is probably because he needs companions
2 is better than one!

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