My baby was attacked:(

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    Jun 8, 2014
    . Our poor Rosie was attacked yesterday by a Yorkie that someone left in their backyard tied to a leash all day. Obviously leash was not secured, they had no idea their dog was missing. She was stuck under the bush while the terrier gnawed at her tail bone. We took her to a 24/7 vet(no judgment). She had surgery , has pain meds and anti biotics and now wears the cone of shame. She snuggles and wants to be held.
    My hubby and I be believe all life is precious, and we love this bird. Very sad: (grateful my husband doesn't judge me and think I'm crazy for caring for "just" a chicken. Don't even ask how much we spent..uhggggggh[​IMG]


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    Mar 9, 2014
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    Oh my - I hope that she has a speedy recovery. Did the dog enter your yard to get at your bird? If so, you will want to revisit your fencing as this will not be the last dog (or other animal) to happen by.
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    Mar 31, 2014
    So sorry[​IMG] There is another member who just posted about a dog attack to her chicken. BunnyLover44.

    I too had a dog attack my chickens (DHs dog[​IMG]). Please read my advise to BunnyLover44, but I will tell you, my Partridge Cochin looked worse than your hen and she made a full recovery. So hang in there.

    I would have taken ours to the vet also, but funds here do not allow me to do that. So, not judging you in the least.

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