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    Mar 27, 2017
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    So these are my backyard friends, a black sex link, 3 silver wyandottes, and four leghorns

    The pictures are of yard time today, I really cleaned their coop and fenced yard out well and added more perches and a ladder and new nesting area for them. They were sure happy to drink from the hose when I had it on for cleaning.

    They used to have only a very small outside run when we moved here two years ago, so I cut the fences and moved them down to our chainlink and added wire on the other side of the coop, so they have probably 1/12th of our yard to themselves at any time. During Summer they get the full yard when we are on vacation and sometimes when we do not let the dogs out.

    I am having some issues with the leghorns. They came from a large group (100+) in a room maybe the size of four of my coops. I bought them from a farmer who was looking to cut down. One has pasty butt, two others have red butt, and one is losing a lot of feathers. I have had them around 2 months now and they lay just fine and have normal behavior with eating and drinking.

    I have read about pasty butt and doing what I can but what about the red butt and less feathers. Any tips.


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