My badly injured hen

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  1. nealsbirds

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    Mar 4, 2009
    Well its been seven days since her injury, as I reported I amputated her wing saturday. I think she is better, I am giving her a 1ml shot of baytral everyday,and cipro mixed with a small amount of trammodal for pain. This has been so nerve wracking.On tuesday I changed her bandage and you could smell rotten flesh,so I figured massive dose of antibiotics could;nt hurt at that point,so I cut away the bad stuff and now I am I am spraying out the wound in my sink. Than I am spraying the wound with granulex V I bought at the feed store, applying bactrban and nolvasan ointment. I am trying to keep the wound wet, I have been burning the midnight oil reading up on all kinds of wound care. She has responded well she is up wandering around the room in my house where I keep her. She is eating turkey mash, mixed up macaw hand feeding fourmula and drinks water good. thanks everybody that has helped me through this very trying time. I am so glad I found this web sight.
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    sounds like you're doing your best; hope your girl makes it & returns to complete health. [​IMG]
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    Feb 12, 2009
    Western North Carolina
    Oh my goodness, you are being so diligent. I hope she makes a full recovery. Sounds like she is loved and very well cared for. Best of luck to you and her.

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