My bantam favorelle got a chunk pecked out of her wing......

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  1. It is now scabbed over, now that I've discovered it, but I wonder should I put neosporin on it, or just let the scab remain and hope for the best? She has a blackened area where the bleeding was- obvious bruising underneath as well where she got pecked just under the wing. I think most of the bleeding was from the pecked out feathers, This is what happened when she didn't run fast enough from my standard size dominant hen who is 5 times her size. I hope it's not necrotic. I had found her outside the coop shivering in the mud at night. I think she was too scared to go near the heavy girls who guard the entrance. Anyhow, I've placed my Mille D'uccles in the rabbit hutch cage inside the coop, safe from harm, and brought her and my 5 porcelain d'uccle pullets back into the garage until I remove the top half of the pecking order AKA sell my heavy breed hens (minus my barred rock and spitzhauben- who aren't so aggressive).

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    unfortunately you may have to keep her away from the other, bigger birds from now on. faverolles can be so docile that they are easily bullied. if you have blu-kote i would suggest putting some on the wound just as a precaution so other birds don't get used to picking at the same spot even if there is no blood, a bald spot is enough temptation. i've had this happen with my frizzled cochin hen twice since i've owned her and the second time i saw the hen who did it and it left a good sized bruise.

    someone probably pulled at her wing showing they were the dominant bird and got a little to forceful on her.

    one of my bantam favs is so fearful of being put back out because of being bullied too much that she is now my house hen. my bantam polish, houdan/polish mix, and houdan were the cause of her fear and still are, i don't plan on replacing those breeds when they go. the d'uccles will probably be good to put her in with them.

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