My bantam mottled cochins

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    Mar 25, 2009
    Only have 2 pairs so far but hope to have more they are such little puff balls and sweet as can be. cockerel #1 pretty and mottled well but has brassiness in his hackles and likes to pinch me with his beak! [​IMG]

    Cockerel #2 pretty as well with not as much mottling but should get better with each molt I'm hoping [​IMG]

    Pullet #1 my little precious, probably my favorite little bird right now just pretty as a picture. she is mottled well all over and just as fluffy as could be.[​IMG]

    Pullet #2 she didnt want to cooperate so had to take a pic of the two together just as good of type as the first but mottling is not great yet hoping it gets better with molt also.[​IMG]
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