My bantams are here!!!

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    Aug 28, 2011
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    Day 23...1 hatched yesterday, 2 overnight, and when I got home from work 2 more had PIP'd and 2 had died in their eggs (they failed to PIP internally and I suspect ran out of yolk etc) [​IMG]

    Not seeing ANY progress with the last 2 all day and knowing 2 had died, I decided to just peek under the PIPs and found some pretty major shrinkie dinks. Sure enough my water reservoirs had dried up a lot. [​IMG] So, I did an assisted ZIP and got their shell & outer membranes off one end of each egg, dampened their inner membranes then waited for the blood vessels to dry up before helping them out the rest of the way. I didn't want to help them, but since 2 had died and it is day 23 and they were shrink wrapped I think I may have saved them. They look GREAT. So I have 5 new fuzzy-footed sweet hearts! I'll post pics tomorrow once they're all fluffified.

    They are soooo cute, and one has a birthmark on his little beak!!!! A black stripe down one side. [​IMG]
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    Awwww...congrats!!! Can't wait to see the fluffified pictures! [​IMG]

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