My Bantams are laying really well .... Woohoo


10 Years
May 1, 2009
Charmhaven - Australia
My bantams are really laying well, I have 4 hens but only 2 are laying so far but I'm getting 2 eggs a day now and they have only been laying for a month.

Whats the adverage weight for a bantam egg?
One lays 37gram eggs
and the other lays eggs in the 40- 45 gram range, Is that normal for a bantam hen?

Also at what age do cochins start to lay?
Congratulations! We are still waiting on eggs
how old are your girls? I would think your egg sizes are pretty good as in the supermarket they weigh about 59 grams and they come from those big chickens. Doing well.
I don't know how old they are exactly I think about 6 months I've included a pic. This picture was take about a month ago. I bought the brown and white ones from a pet shop and they had no idea and the two black ones I bought of a lady who said that they would lay in june and she was right. The black langsham started laying in May and now the other balck one(I have no idea of what breed she is) started in June.

I think the white hen is a cross with a bantam and a regular size chicken because she is much bigger than the others especially her feet. Does anyone know what she might be a cross of?
They are so cute! Ours are about 16 weeks (maybe) up to about 19 weeks. But they dont show any signs at all of laying, plus they look smaller than your girls. Photo of our Wyandottes named Anzac (Annie), shirley and Francis!

P.S i like the teletubby names! My kids named 2 of our others after Beatrix potter ( Trixie and Jemima)
Shouldn't be long now until your girls are laying. I was told that they start laying at around 6 months of age(24 weeks). I notice that when ours were ready to lay they started to squat when we got close to them and there combs and wattles went really red and plump and they also got noiser, clucking at us, before that they hardly made any noise. Your girls are beautiful
Hope they start laying soon.

Hows the weather down in Tassie? It's been pretty cold here. Yesterday it was only 14 degrees but I bet its colder down there.
Do you have to insulate your coop for winter?
Thanks for that age range, our orange chicken named Anzac has started making "chicken noises" in the morning when she comes out of her house.
My husband has built them a very delux house which has a roof made of board and then corregated iron stuff on top of that, but they are still under our undercover area at the back of the house to keep them extra warm and away from frost, just while they are young (and i cant lift the house as it is very heavy). It is cold here today, about 8 degrees but it is cloudy also which makes it worse. (not to mention the snow on the mountains).
Enjoy your weekend

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