MY BARN YARD MIX? boy or girl! Help

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by ginbart, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. ginbart

    ginbart Crowing

    Mar 9, 2008
    Bloomsburg, PA
    I need to know if Ben the hen, is a hen. We are hoping . [​IMG] [​IMG] Thank you all for your help.




    And then her best side. LOL
  2. featherwood

    featherwood In the Brooder

    May 2, 2008
    Sorry...Ben is an Ameraucana Rooster.[​IMG]
  3. ginbart

    ginbart Crowing

    Mar 9, 2008
    Bloomsburg, PA
    Well I guess we can still call him Ben. He Is mixed with something else right?

    sorry spelled right wrong.
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  4. TundraChick

    TundraChick Songster

    Aug 6, 2007
    West Viriginia
    Stud muffin Ben looks to be part Brahma to me
  5. McGoo

    McGoo Songster

    I am not an expert on this, but decided to add my two cents.

    Ben looks just like my Clarence, who is an EE cockrel. Only exception is that yours has yellow legs and mine has green legs....hmmmm... and is there some feathering on them? Hard to see. But maybe he is mixed with a Brahma???

    I don't think Ameracauna's have yellow legs - do they?
  6. LilPeeps

    LilPeeps Songster

    Jan 13, 2007
    SE Mass
    EE cockerel
  7. Barnyard

    Barnyard Addicted to Quack

    Aug 5, 2007
    Southwest Georgia
    Quote:This would be my guess also, sorry but "Ben" is very handsome!!
  8. ginbart

    ginbart Crowing

    Mar 9, 2008
    Bloomsburg, PA
    Quote:I have 6 Ameracauna's 3 week olds and they all have green feet.

    Yes he does have some feathering on his legs. Well I can't keep him, I think I'm going to cry.
  9. bronzefarmer

    bronzefarmer Chirping

    Oct 25, 2014
    Northern California
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