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    Apr 24, 2013
    Did you ever go to a Cub Scout Pack Meeting? Or haveyou been to a special concenrt at your kid's school? Did you notice how none of those other kids even came closeto the beautiy or talent your kids have? We went to the county fair on my birthday (really- that is what I wanted to do for my birthday!). Of course I hurried right to the poutry barn. And you know how it ended.....none of those birds were as beautiful as mine. I especially wanted to see two breeds that I don't have- nobody else around here has them either apparently. Some of the roosters were so pretty- and of course I can't have a bunch of roosters, but my hens stacked up nicely compared to those blue ribbon winners. My only take home was to tell my BOs that they need to do some growing before fall, the fair girls are way bigger than they are.
    The gardeners still have me beat by a country mile. The gardens in my community were terrible this year. My next door neighbor got so disgusted he plowed his right under. With all the chicken manure we have, we are sure to get a good one next year.

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