My beautiful sulten thought dead for 6 hrs

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    I went out to collect eggs, got to the ornamental pen and there was sally with more than half her body inside a milk jug. (We use 3 milk jugs with hole cut out for watering in the Ornamental pen). I dropped the barred rock eggs i was holding in my shirt and started crying. I didnt pick her body up because i was just wayyy to upset. I went in the house leaving sally in the milk jug and the egg mess behind. I spent the next few hours grieving and remember the day i got her how she had lice (my first experience and hopefully last). I decided that I would not wait for my hubby to get home to bury her, I would do it myself. I grabbed the milk jug by the handle and guess what!!!!!!!!! she wasnt dead at all, she was squirming like mad to free herself from the jug. I got her out of the jug and i swear her lil beak was moving like she was talking. I kept saying i am sooo sorry baby girl!!! I still can not believe it!!! I of course will be cutting larger holes in the jugs in the future my poor baby!!!

    here is a picture of sally in the ornamental pen I took last month,,,, she is the white girl

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    Phew! what an adventure she's had...glad to hear that Sally is well babe [​IMG]

    *hugs* Heather x

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