My BEES survived winter!!!

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by rehric00, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. rehric00

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    Apr 3, 2013
    Last year, I realized on March 14th that my one hive had died. Complete devastation.

    Today, I am pleased to say that my TWO hives survived! They were both very active today and already collecting pollen (which is rare for early march in northern Indiana!). I could not figure out where the pollen was coming from, but I realized the huge 100 year old maple in the back yard is blooming [​IMG] I am so happy!

    I recently bought the supplies necessary to catch a swarm. I read online the best time is around Mother's day... But I am curious if it will be sooner, due to the warmer weather? We shall see ;)
  2. daisygirlfp

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    Mar 9, 2016
    Minden, Nevada
    Maple honey:) double sweetness! Happy your bees survived.
  3. sunny & the 5 egg layers

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    Mar 29, 2011
    That's wonderful!

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