my beloved golden laced polish, Brock...


9 Years
Feb 24, 2010
One day when one of my chicks died, we went to get another one. I got a golden laced polish and I named him Brock. he was the friendliest chicken I've ever had. While all the other chicks would be running around outside, Brock would run toward me and lay his head on my lap and go to sleep. I was his best friend and every time I went to go see him, he would get so excited, that he would knock the lid right off the box and run to me! but, one day, they were getting to big for the basement. so we took him to the big chickens. then a storm came that night and I got worried. but my dad said that he would be alright. but..... the next morning....I-I.... found him dead....I was so sad, that I cried for 2 days strait! but I have to say that Brock was the best chicken I've ever had.


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