My Best Hen, Alive this Am Dead at 2:00 pm........Ideas????


7 Years
Nov 28, 2012
Waterloo, Alabama 35677
Over the last week or so, I have noticed my best Red Golden Pheasant hen acting alittle slow, She lost most of her
tail feathers, and was kinda acting funny. I thought that mabe she was starting a molt, and the male that she is housed
with was giving her a run every once in a while, acting amourus. But other than that, nothing showed up . This morning,
when I fed birds, the hen wouldnt come out of the coop to get her treat, so I went in and looked for her. She was on the
floor kinda bedded down but looked fine. I made a move to add food to her dish, and she didnt move, that was not her.
Usually she will come to me when I am feeding and beat me to the dish. I picked her up, and she didnt object much,
looked at her and kinda gave her an inspection. While I had her caught, I dusted her down for critters and before I put
her down she threw up clear liquid. I set her down where she had been and she wobbled alittle trying to walk. I put her
in a warm corner of the coop and left her alone. About an hour later, I put duramyicen in her drinking water and left her.
I didnt have any syringes, so asked the wife to get me some when he went grocery shopping. When she come back at
2pm, I loaded one of the syringes with Tylan 50 and went out to the coop.....She was already dead and stiff, since this
\morning...............I did look her over pretty good but didnt find anything that could answer any questions.........
Does anyone have any to suggestions.................thankx..............Tom Turner
I am sorry for your loss.
It's time to open her up and see if there is anything wrong on the inside. It sounds to me like lice with the time of the downfall and by time she was treated it could have been too late. Another thing that I am thinking is some sort of blockage with the throwing up of water. It sounds like she drank it but couldn't pass it down, this will also happen very close to death for any reason though.
foreverlearning..............your right about opening her up......problem there is, if it isnt evident, I probably wouldnt recogonize what the
problems are...heh heh heh ......I have been through EMT training way back when I lived in Michigan, but dont think that would help
much in an autopsy of a pheasant......have to think that one over...........thankx for the suggestion though......right now she is on ice
awaiting my decision to

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