My Bettas and their stories


7 Years
Apr 23, 2012
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Hi there. I'm bored, so I decided to write about my bettas.

I've owned 7 bettas in the past few years. Ben, Giggle Byte, Crystal Bay, Prince Peach, Daniel, Princess Bubbles, and Courage.

I was walking down the fish aisle when I saw a red veiltail betta. We bought him, a tank, food, and a filter, and went home. We set it up and let it run for a day, then put the fish in. He was from petsmart- so he died the next day. We replaced him with Giggle, who also died the day after I got him. (both of which I believe were from internal parasites). The next summer, I decided I wanted another betta. We went back to Petsmart, and I chose a black-fading-to-bluish green veiltail. He was beautiful, and lived to be about 2 years old. A few weeks before he passed, he began sleeping on his side. I knew he was gonna go, but this continued for two weeks until I woke up one sunday morning to see he had passed. So, I gave up for another few months.

My parents opened a retail store, and I was bored out of my mind there. So we brought the tank to the store and got a red crowntail betta, named 'Daniel'. When the retail store went out of buisness, Daniel stayed in my dad's office. A few months later, I went ot the office and was horrified about what I saw. I saw a really fat, slow, unhealthy betta. An algae covered gravel bottom. and the worst part- a 3 inch tall pile of old, disgusting food. I learned that my dad put a huge pinch of food in every day. He loved Daniel- but he had no clue. So I brought him home, cleaned the tank, changed the gravel, cleaned the plants, and only gave Daniel peas for 2 days. In a week, he was healthy, slim (not thin), and active again. I loved him more than any other fish in the world. He loved to flare at my turtle flash drive- and would swim in circles when he saw me.

We decided to get another betta to put in the tank next to him. We got a female crowntail- but we weren't gonna breed them, because Daniel was too old. Daniel never built a nest, but Bubbles had the white spot and vertical stripes. They loved eachother, but in more of a friend way it seemed. I'll never know, I guess.

A few years later, Daniel became very ill. His organs were failing- he was so old, the scales under his chin were turning gray- He was dying of old age. He had the classic dropsy signs, and I just made him as comfortable as I could until he passed. The net few days were hard- watching my favorite, most loved fish wasting away before my eyes. I wanted to euthanize him- but at the same time I couldn't. So I waited. I thought about it, and decided that I'd ask to euthanize him the next day. But thankfully, he passed peacefully sometime during the night. I found him the next morning, on the side nearest to Bubbles, and Bubbles swimming against the side closest to him, trying to get into his tank. I think she knew something was wrong; She was frantic and acting very odd. Once we took Daniel out of his tank and bueried him, Bubbles was swimming around the tank quickly, panicking. She finally calmed down a few minutes later and became lethargic. Daniel lived to be 5 years old. Yes, 5 years old.

We got yet another betta to keep Bubbles company in the other tank. I went to the pet store and stared at the bettas for awhile, then finally chose one. A steel-blue and red-purple colored veiltail. He was active, flaring, and there was no food at the bottom of his cup. So I chose him. Courage and Bubbles bonded immediately, and Courage started building a nest almost as soon as he was put in his tank and fed. Bubbles was no longer lethargic, and both seemed happy.

Then the day came where I couldn't find Courage. I looked for a long time, then saw a tiny flash of tail in the aeration system. The way his tank is set up is there's a bubble stick that goes into this long, vertical tube. I quickly turned off the aeration system and put more water in, and coaxed him out with food. I looked him over and he looked fine- except his tail was completely shredded. Like someone put his tail through a cheese grater. He's healed perfectly fine and actually has a bubble nest going at the moment :)

I still have both Bubbles and Courage to this day- happy, healthy bettas. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

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