My big Orpington challenge!

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    Welcome y'all to my big Orpington challenge!! I am totally in love with this large, friendly, docile breed of bird and my ultimate dream is to keep and breed every possible colour, maybe even create a few new ones. I totally get that this is a long, drawn out, most probably difficult process but i'm willing to give it my best shot! I have hatched, raised and kept many but never attempted properly to breed them. So this may sound silly compared to the hardwork you guys put in and the awesome quality of your birds and fantastic eventual outcome [​IMG] but I'm 23 years old and have two young children, I'm studying for a degree in psychology, my husband works A LOT and we are on a limited budget so this is a big thing for me to undertake! I'm really keen to do this and do it properly and i'm inviting you guys to follow my progress, the highs and the lows, maybe offer me a bit of advice too! So here it is from the get go.

    Ok so i started out in June 2010 with 2 blue Orpingtons, one hen and one roo, Bought from a local farm, the guy said they were both approx one year old. Here they are:
    And George, unfortunatley george passed away at xmas - reason unknown, before i got chance to concentrate on breeding him properly.
    However we did get a few eggs from this chicken (i will replace with much better picture tomorrow!), Our stealth bomber black orp, she had george all of 3 months before he died. We did not recieve one egg from murtle the blue orp in this time?!?!
    We hatched out stealth and george's babies (obv. not the ones to the left):
    And over the harsh winter only 4 survived and they happened to be all Roo's! we kept this one, now 9 months, appropriatley named 'fluffy' [​IMG]
    We also hatched and reared this gorgeous hen from a batch of purchased eggs, again appropriatley named 'buff'
    We crossed fluffy and buff this year and hatched out 2 black, 1 buff, 1 buff with brown stripe on it's back and this little specimen:

    Ok so over the last 2 days ive aquired a huge, stunning, 1 year old blue roo to replace my george [​IMG] his name is thunder and then today i have been and purchased a 1 year old white roo whose been previously named 'george' lol and a 32 week old white hen named ' mildred'. So now i have enough roo's and hen's to atleast make a proper start! I'll be sure to post pictures of my new babies tomorrow.

    I'm hoping you guys will have some advice on offer, i really want to get the best possible sizes and colours i can, real show quality birds. I feel i have started with good stock but i'd appreciate any opinions! I hope some of you will follow my journey although i feel it may be a long one!

    Tina (MommaOrp)

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    good luck.

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