My big white duck (Honey) attacked by a raccoon - still alive

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    A large Raccoon attacked my pet duck last evening, on my back porch! She is still alive thanks to the quick thinking of my daughter who let the dogs out when she saw it happen. The raccoon managed to crack her beak and mutilate one side of her face...the beak looks pretty torn up and sore. She has some puncture wounds on her cheeks. She is so precious. I took her in the shower with me and rinsed her off really well, she loved it...she let me really check her out. She is still bleeding this morning, but not as much...she wants to eat but cannot. She does get water. How can I help her get food? Any ideas??
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    Poor duck. It sounds like she is trying to be a good patient. So she is having difficulty eating because of the cracked bill? There is a product that is called Dentemp for temporarily fixing lost fillings that might work to stabilize the bill. It is sold in drugstore like CVS. I have also heard of people using hoof epoxy to fix beaks. You could try in the mean time mixing water with her regular food to see if it makes it easier to eat. Puncture wounds can be tough to clean completely so watch for any signs of infection. You can use triple antibiotic ointment made for people on the wounds.
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    Sorry about the duck, raccoons are pure evil, mix water with her food so that it turns to mash. This will make it way easier for her to eat. Treat the puncture wounds and let her heal. Hope she gets better.

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