my birds are superior to me

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    Rosy the easter egger peers from her wooden perch into the yard beyond the coop door. She takes it all in- the human at the door waiting impatiently, the dogs looking for the opportunity to eat all the chicken food and the cold frost on the green grass. Rosy daintily leaps to the coop floor with a graceful thud and looks to the other three girls to follow. one by one all four enter the yard. Rosy takes her right hand easter egger to the garden and watches the buff orps out of the corner of her eye. they can not be trusted. Rosy notices one of the buffs looks to have gained a couple pounds and snickers to her friend about it. the buffs ignore rosy and go to the other garden in search of wormies.

    This is just how I feel about my birds. i think they truly think like this.
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    Cute. Right hand easter egger.[​IMG]
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    i think you are right! they have their opinions! [​IMG]

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